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Product Instruction
    Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic nitrile rubber. Compared to latex gloves, it has superior puncture resistance, bacterial penetration resistance, chemical resistance and long-lasting wear. It has the positive qualities of latex gloves (flexibility, strength and durability), but it does not have the allergies of latex gloves and can be used without worry.
    Nitrile is a synthetic material that has rubber-like properties. When nitrile gloves first appeared, they were stiff and uncomfortable to wear, but thanks to new technological improvements and developments, they are in our sights today and will be much more comfortable to wear.
blue nitrile gloves
Product Name:Blue Nitrile Gloves(nitrile examination glove)
Powder:Powder Free
Surface Style:Fingertip Texture
Use scenario: Used in domestic, electronics, chemical, plumbing, glass, food, factory protection, hospitals, research and other industries.
Features: Protein-free, no allergic reaction to human skin; non-toxic, harmless; strong and durable, good adhesion.
Size:S, M, L, XL
Certificate:EN, 13432 (EU), BPI, ASTM, D-6400, D-6868
OEM Service:available
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Wearing method of nitrile gloves

Wearing gloves correctly helps prevent infection from exposure to hazardous substances, products and processes.
1. Remove one glove from the package and check for pinholes or tears
2. If the glove is left or right handed, you can wear it without distinguishing between the left and right hands. Instead, put the thumb and other fingers of the glove on correctly before putting it on.
3. Insert the five fingers into the cuff and pull up the cuff to the wrist
4. Check that the fingers and palm area fit tightly. The cuff should fit snugly around the wrist
Remove gloves correctly to help prevent pollution to yourself and the environment
1. Grasp the outside of the glove near the bowl
2. Peel the glove off your hand and flip it inside out Hold the glove with the other hand
3. Put your fingers deep inside the glove of the remaining hand, taking care not to touch the outside of the glove
4. Peel off the gloves from the inside out and wrap both gloves in a "pocket" and discard them.
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Nitrile gloves are often seen in daily life, from small to household, to large in the medical industry, industry can be used, you can imagine its powerful place.we are a biodegradable gloves manufacturer,if you want to know more about gloves, feel free to contact us.
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