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Best biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves - Biodegradable gloves in china

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Product name: Best biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves
Product color: Blue
Main material: nitrile
Place of origin: Huizhou,China
Instrument classification: Class I
Safety certification: EN, 13432 (EU), BPI, ASTM, D-6400, D-6868
Function: Hand protection
Use scenario: household, care, food
Features: Good elasticity, suitable for both hands
Texture: fingertip texture
Storage: Store in dry conditions at 5-35°C. Avoid direct sunlight
OEM: OEM/ODM accepted
Size: S, M, L, XL
Packing number: 100pcs / box 10boxes / ctn
best biodegradable nitrile gloves
1.Protection from low risk substance.
2.Easy donning to avoid any inconvenience.
3.Smoothness to ensure high comfort and fit.
4.Powder free to eradicate irritants.
5.Low chemical residues to avoid allergy.  
6.Latex and protein free. 
best biodegradable nitrile gloves
Why should we choose biodegradable nitrile gloves?
Nitrile gloves are not only easy to wear, but also exceptionally durable, with characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to oily erosion, and non-static. Since it does not contain water-soluble protein and no chemical residue after process improvement, it can eliminate skin allergy phenomenon.

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