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There are two types of latex gloves: powder-free and powder-free. The difference between the two is whether the latex gloves are made of cornstarch or talcum powder. Since latex and rubber gloves are dry materials, they have high friction and are used for a long time. It will stick together, so cornstarch or talcum powder is added in the production process to reduce friction and make the gloves more slippery.
Powder-free latex gloves are mainly used in the precision electronics industry, medical field, laboratories and other places. They are generally used in dust-free and clean environments because these fields require more precise movements for more demanding operations. Talc or cornstarch on latex gloves can disperse into the air during use and contaminate the clean environment.
latex gloves powder free
Product name: Powder-free latex gloves
Brand: Worldchamp
Coating material: PU
Material: PU, polyester
Features:PU gloves, work gloves
Use:Industrial,household,manufacturing,automotive industry and other fields.
latex gloves powder free
* According to the Asian hand shape, fit the hand line, truly dexterous and comfortable.
* Rigorous full inspection and testing method to ensure the quality of gloves, greater reduction of breakage, safe and infection-free.
* Natural and soft color, not harsh to the eyes, does not affect the work.
* by special technology treatment, so that the surface of the glove is powder-free state to eliminate the impact of powder on the operating environment and experimental results, and effectively prevent skin dryness and reduce water-soluble protein allergens.
* Special hemp surface treatment has a super-absorbent force, can effectively anti-slip, take things indeed, not easy to slip when grasping the apparatus.
* Not divided into left and right hands, easy to take, easy to put on.
* Quality far beyond the industry gloves, with super tensile strength, good flexibility, can effectively prevent wearing tear.
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