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Disposable pe rubber latex gloves for sale

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    We all know that latex gloves are useful in many fields, such as: industrial, medical, cosmetic, etc. Latex gloves are still preferred by many people, they are also more common in our daily life protective gloves, of course, hand protection products in addition to latex gloves, but also nitrile gloves, disposable food-grade plastic gloves and so on. Because this glove is made of natural latex and other finer additives, so this glove is more prone to allergies, which is something we need to be concerned about when choosing gloves. The surface of this product is specially treated, comfortable to wear, high flexibility, hard strength, low pinhole rate, and good closed protection characteristics.
disposable pe rubber latex gloves
Detailed parameters
Product name: disposable pe rubber latex gloves(Medical latex examination gloves)
Product color: white
Main material: latex
Place of origin: China
Instrument classification. class I
Safety certification. EN, 13432 (eu), Bpi, Astm, D-6400, D-6868
Function. Hand protection, effectively stop the invasion of bacteria and viruses
Usage scenario: Used to wear on doctor's hand or finger for patient's condition examination or touch examination.
OEM: OEM/ODM accepted
Size: S, M, L, XL
Packing quantity: 100pcs/ctn 10ctn/ctn
Medical latex examination gloves
    The disadvantages of latex gloves are also relatively obvious, such as can not be soaked in water for a long time, not resistant to high temperature, not resistant to low temperature, many organic and inorganic reagents are also able to penetrate the surface of the glove, in addition to its own is not strong, often grinding a grinding hole and fading, this situation is normal. (Suggestion: easy to allergic friends, not recommended to wear latex gloves, you can choose nitrile gloves.)
    Next we biodegradable gloves manufacturer to explain the correct use of medical latex gloves.
    First: the way to wear dry gloves hands first dip a little (as little as possible) talcum powder (or medical starch), so that it is more convenient for us to put on the gloves.
    Second: after the right hand holds the glove reflex, take out a pair of dry gloves, the left hand first into the left glove, after wearing gloves, the left hand into the right hand reflex part of the outer ring, and then the right hand into the glove (left and right to wear gloves can be); the glove reflex part, pull to the cuff above the wrist does not show
    Finally: before wearing gloves, hands can not touch the outside of the glove, after wearing gloves, not directly touch the skin.
We are a manufacturer and supplier of biodegradable gloves in China, if there are still some problems on the product can also consult us, we will give you detailed answers for you, so you can better understand the product
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