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Disposable powder-free latex protective gloves (dental)

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The raw material of disposable latex gloves is natural latex, the production of chlorination process, production costs are greatly affected by the season, and the quality of latex gloves and the quality of latex is closely related to the quality of latex, latex quality is high to make the quality of gloves is very good, latex quality is poor, the quality of gloves will also be lacking.
disposable latex gloves
Product name: Disposable powder-free latex protective gloves (dental)
Color: beige
Material: latex (balloon material, with powder and no powder two)
Weight: 5g
Package: 24*13*7cm
Product length: 24cm
Function: Iron hand, super elastic
Use: dental, household, food, factory, oil cleaning, washing and care
disposable latex gloves
disposable latex gloves
1. High elasticity and toughness: high elasticity and flexibility
2. Home small helper: home small helper, care of hands
3. Anti-slip finger flax: effectively prevent slippage
4. Close to the hands: closely fit the income and expenditure and palm, comfortable to use
disposable latex gloves
Wearing method
1. Please trim your nails before wearing, home too long or too pointed easily lead to gloves slip broken
2. When wearing please use the finger belly taste to put on, to avoid gloves slipping
3. When taking off the gloves, lift the wrist gloves and drag off to the fingers
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