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Biodegradable Compostable Disposable PLA Gloves - PBAT Food Grade Powder Free Gloves

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Product name: Biodegradable PLA gloves
Manufacturer: Worldchamp
Product color: Transparent
Main material: PLA+PBAT+starch
Place of origin: China
Instrument classification: Class I
Safety certification: EN, 13432 (EU), Bpi, Astm, D-6400, D-6868
Function: Hand protection
Use scenario: Home, care, food grade
Features: biodegradable, green
OEM: OEM/ODM accepted
Logo: can be customized
Size: S, M, L, XL
Biodegradable PLA gloves
Polylactic acid (PLA), also known as polypropylene cross-ester, is a polyester made from the polymerization of lactic acid as a raw material. PLA has excellent biodegradability, compatibility and absorption, and is a non-toxic, non-irritating synthetic polymer material, whose raw material is lactic acid, mainly from starch (such as corn, rice) and other fermentation, but also can be obtained from cellulose, kitchen waste or fish waste as raw materials.
PLA has a wide range of raw materials and the products made from it can be composted or incinerated directly after use, which eventually can completely reduce CO2 and H2O and meet the requirements of sustainable development. the good transparency and certain toughness, biocompatibility and heat resistance properties possessed by PLA are the main reasons why it is widely used.
In addition, PLA has thermoplasticity and the energy consumption in the production process of PLA is only 20%~50% of that of petrochemicals and the CO2 produced is only 50% of that of petrochemicals compared to traditional petrochemicals.
However this material that we consider environmentally friendly is more environmentally friendly than the common plastic materials PE and PP, and can reach full degradation. But there are certain conditions.
The decomposition process of this new fully biodegradable plastic glove eco-friendly material (PLA) is as follows.
Corn starch/plant starch (converted to) → glucose → lactic acid (through polymerization technology to become) → PLA biodegradable material
Biodegradable PLA gloves
Second, the full biodegradable plastic gloves material PLA environmental protection material can indeed achieve full degradation, but it requires certain conditions.
1, humidity of 90%.
2, temperature up to 60 degrees or more.
3, while it takes 47 days to have the means to completely decompose.
Biodegradable PLA gloves
In the field of fully biodegradable plastic gloves, Worldchamp has already formed a mature production line for biodegradable raw material special film blowing machine, printing machine, waste recycling and granulation machine and various kinds of fully biodegradable plastic gloves production. Stable quality, high production efficiency, exquisite printing, moisture-proof, puncture-proof, non-toxic, good sealing, good stretching, good texture and environmental protection.
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