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Customized biodegradable PE food disposable plastic gloves

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Disposable biodegradable PE gloves for WHO material production, will not be allergic, does not distinguish between the left and right hand, cheap, seamless, good performance of waterproof technology, surface with dot pattern, can be non-slip, easy to open, left and right hand can be mixed. Verified by the Chinese food enterprise safety system, safety is guaranteed! Suitable for use with nursing staff, hotel management catering, barbecue picnic, beauty salon, painting and painting, gardening and cleaning, food companies processing plants and other vocational education.
biodegradable gloves
Item Name:Cbiodegradable disposable PE gloves  
Product use: food industry, home cleaning, medical care, hotel restaurant, gardening cleaning, dining, paint decoration, etc.
Dimension: 25-30CM
Whether to import: No
Material: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE new raw materials     
Specifications: S & M & L & XL     
Thickness: 0.85-2.5 silk or so     
Color: blue & yellow & transparent color, etc.    
Production time:Around 10 days,if over 5 containers, need more time
biodegradable gloves
Basic description.  
Biodegradable disposable PE gloves are suitable for food processing, scientific research, electronic clean room hotel non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for home and hotel kitchen food processing conditioning, hair dyeing, nursing and washing, cleaning take, hospital work with, acid and alkali resistance, oil and grease, can prevent the meal dirty gloves.   
Disposable, waterproof, oil-proof, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Low price. With softness, comfort and hand-fitting. Has features such as durability and safety.   
Blown film pressed, die-cutting heat sealing, automatic machine forming, automatic counting, surface with dot pattern, non-slip, easy to open, left and right hand mixed   
Main uses.   
Biodegradable disposable PE gloves are widely used in household cleaning, laboratory testing, food, hygiene, and industrial and agricultural protection, hair dyeing, care washing, and hospital care. With waterproof, oil-proof, anti-bacteria, etc.
biodegradable gloves

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We are a biodegradable gloves manufacturers, which contains, plastic gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves.
Worldchamp (Huizhou) Plastics Products Co., Ltd is one of the most professional biodegradable compostable gloves manufacturers, our products are especially popular in Europe and America, we always hope you are our partner, welcome to contact us.
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Compostable gloves and biodegradable gloves are our main production products. All of our products use 100% virgin material which is biodegradable and eco-friendly and harmless to the body. We have 10 years of experience. We are direct manufacturer with high quality, competitive price, guaranteed timely delivery, we can provide the best after-sales service and our goal is to maximize our customers' profit.
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