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Why choose nitrile examination gloves?

Time:2021-06-24 15:40

nitrile examination gloves
In this day and age, there are many sources of pollution that we cannot see that are harming our physical and mental health, and protecting our health is of the utmost importance right now.
I believe that gloves are a necessity in our daily life, why do I say so? Because gloves are the most direct item to protect our hands, cleaning drains, cleaning limescale in our homes, etc. are all areas where we need to use gloves.
And when it comes to choosing gloves for commercial and professional use, the options are almost limitless.
For workers using inspection gloves, it is important that the gloves contain latex.

What are nitrile examination gloves?

Unlike natural rubber latex gloves, nitrile examination gloves are made of synthetic rubber. Nitrile examination gloves have excellent tensile strength and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making them particularly suitable for users who may have sensitive skin or allergies. The finger pattern is ideal for workers who need extra dexterity and a bare hand feel. These gloves are the best choice for emergency medical services, laboratories, veterinarians and pharmacy employees.

Why choose latex-free gloves?

Historically, latex gloves have been used more in medical and hygiene fields because of the flexibility and sensitivity of the gloves.
Because of its sensitivity, latex cannot be used in laboratories where he is prone to puncture, and latex is less tolerant of chemicals and dissolution. Nitrile, on the other hand, is made of nitrile and has excellent puncture resistance, so it is popular in laboratories.
A second major reason why latex gloves should be avoided in certain areas is latex allergy. According to the Harvard Health Center, as much as 6 percent of the population suffers from latex allergies.  The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) lists potential symptoms of latex allergy, ranging from redness of the skin, rash, hives or itching to difficulty breathing and wheezing. In rare cases, anaphylaxis or even death may occur. This is a serious problem especially for healthcare and medical professionals. Not only may users themselves suffer from latex allergies, but so do the patients and clients they come in contact with.

Are nitrile examination gloves latex-free?

Nitrile gloves are made of latex-free synthetic rubber and are therefore safe for contact with people who are allergic to latex. These types of gloves are traditionally less flexible than latex gloves and are less sensitive to fingers and hands. However, due to advances in the manufacture of nitrile examination gloves, they have become thinner and more flexible for use in medical and related fields. Nitrile examination gloves are also available in static-free and powder-free varieties (glove powder can contaminate work surfaces and tests or interfere with wound healing), making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Worldchamp Nitrile Exam Gloves

As a leading supplier of disposable gloves, Worldchamp has been developing and manufacturing high-quality, industry-specific examination gloves for the healthcare, hygiene and medical fields for many years. Our mission is to make homes and workplaces safer, stop the spread of disease, and protect people from the risks they may encounter in the workplace. That's why we continue to work closely with our partners in PPE (personal protective equipment) and medical distribution to ensure that our end users have the best possible protection, regardless of the risks they face.
Our medical grade nitrile examination gloves are rigorously tested to the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) standard for medical gloves, and applicability to biohazards (such as exposure to microorganisms or cell cultures, including viruses, fungi and bacteria, internal or external parasites) is a factor. We understand that worker and public safety is critical, which is why - from infection control to hand hygiene and user comfort - our nitrile inspection gloves are designed to make the workplace safer for everyone.