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Time:2021-05-25 11:34

    Why are biodegradable nitrile gloves so popular in China, where they can be found in many tattoo stores, auto stores, medical, industrial and many other industries?
    The answer is that nitrile gloves are not only easy to wear, but also very durable. Because they are acid, alkali, abrasion resistant, oil resistant and non-static, they provide the greatest protection for our hands in many industries. Because it does not contain water-soluble protein and there are no chemical residues during processing, it can prevent skin allergies.
    Because nitrile rubber is so tightly bound, nitrile gloves are more resistant to bacteria than latex gloves and other gloves in rigorous testing, so health care workers and others in the industry can be assured of optimal safety.
    It is flexible similar to latex, but it does not bounce back immediately after stretching and also eliminates hand fatigue.

 biodegradable nitrile gloves china
So what is biodegradable?
    Biodegradation is the process of degradation to organic matter through metabolism or enzymes. Various bacteria, fungi, insects, worms and other organisms break down biodegradable materials into natural elements.
How degradable are biodegradable nitrile gloves?
    Biodegradation occurs when gloves are handled under anaerobic conditions (e.g., in landfills). Under normal conditions, nitric acid is difficult to break down because anaerobic soil microorganisms do not have a natural affinity for the polymer.  Emas biodegradable gloves use Midas Environmental Technology (MET) to accelerate the biodegradation of nitrate in active landfills and under anaerobic conditions through naturally occurring microbial activity.  MET has been validated by independent laboratories using internationally recognized testing standards. Biodegradable gloves have the same properties as regular nitrates, but they degrade when discarded in a landfill or in the soil.
Why choose biodegradable gloves?
    These are the perfect gloves for organizations or individuals who want to adopt sustainability. Disposable gloves that are discarded in modern landfills are also a source of renewable energy. The carbon dioxide and methane released can be used as energy. Landfill energy is the cheapest and most reliable source of renewable energy.
    Environmental issues are our biggest problem in China and around the world, and we have been inventing and upgrading biodegradable gloves time and time again to protect our hands in our daily lives and to protect our planet at the same time. In the era of marine garbage, we can see those non-biodegradable plastic products everywhere, and biodegradable gloves, compostable gloves are our best choice.