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Biodegradable latex glove handling methods and characteristics

Time:2021-05-29 10:04

biodegradable latex gloves
Biodegradable latex gloves are often seen in daily life, in many cases it can protect our hands from contamination, let's look at what are its main sources of contamination, after the glove is contaminated, we should how to deal with it in time.
Main pollutants of biodegradable latex gloves
(1) Mold washing wastewater and latex-containing wastewater generated during the washing process of each production line.
(2) Small amount of ammonia generated during the production process.
(3) Dust generated during the drying process.
(4) Air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter generated during the operation of the boiler.
(5) Atmospheric pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter generated during the operation of the standby diesel generator set.
(6) waste generated during the production process.
(7) Sludge generated from sewage treatment stations, etc.
Biodegradable latex gloves are contaminated how to deal with
The water treatment process uses physicochemical, biological contact oxidation and activated carbon adsorption methods. The process is composed of mechanical grid, regulating tank, air floatation tank, biological contact oxidation tank, sedimentation tank, sand filter and activated carbon filter, and wind machine room. The exhaust gas treatment process consists of dust removal by venturi granite dust collector, and then desulfurization and dust removal by reaction with alkaline water.
Products characteristics
Biodegradable latex gloves are used in automotive manufacturing, battery manufacturing, fiberglass industry, aircraft assembly, aerospace and environmental cleaning. Latex gloves are abrasion resistant, puncture resistant, acid and alkali resistant, grease, fuel and various solvents; they have broad chemical resistance and good oil resistance; they are FDA approved. Latex gloves have a unique fingertip texture design that dramatically improves grip and effectively resists slipping; a patented design with no palm pattern and uniform glue penetration for enhanced protection; and a unique handcrafted design with cotton lining for improved comfort.
In general, we are using latex gloves or pay more attention to the process of washing, the machine is not clean can continue, but our hands are contaminated is not good, so we also need to pay attention to safety when using.