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The ultimate guide to choosing biodegradable gloves(june 2021)

Time:2021-06-23 14:53

Gloves may not be a necessity in our lives, but we still use them occasionally. For example, when eating crawfish at home, you can wear disposable gloves to avoid getting oil on your hands; in hospitals, doctors wear gloves to prevent patients' bodies from catching other diseases; in factories, when cleaning plants, we use gloves to clean black dirt; in the automotive industry, you must wear gloves to clean car fuel tanks.

Which disposable glove material is right for you?

Nitrile gloves

Suitable for mechanics, medical professionals, people with latex allergies, laboratories, food contact, strength and chemical resistance.
Why choose nitrile gloves?
biodegradable nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves are a popular choice for many different industries. They are resistant to a variety of chemicals and have good malleability. Nitrile is made from synthetic rubber. This makes them a great choice for people with latex allergies. It does not contain the same proteins that cause allergic reactions.

Issues to consider

Nitrile gloves should not be worn when working in electrical areas. Make sure the gloves you purchase are chemically resistant before handling hazardous chemicals. Permeability varies from glove to glove. Nitrile rubber has higher tensile strength and greater puncture resistance than natural latex. Nitrile rubber is resistant to a variety of chemicals.

Latex Gloves

Ideal for medical personnel, cosmetology and solon business people, those seeking better fit and dexterity, biodegradable, good for environmental practices, fits like another skin glove, and those who need improved tactile sensitivity.
biodegradable latex gloves

Why choose latex gloves?

The advantage of latex is that it fits like another skin and brings another level of sensitivity to help ensure that the work you do is up to a high standard. Disposable latex gloves offer great dexterity, allowing for steady and fluid hand movement. Latex is reliable and durable. A good barrier to infectious materials is accomplished to prevent cross-contamination. Provides some protection against exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Issues to consider

Some people are allergic to latex. If you or your patients/clients are allergic, you should check this out beforehand. Latex is a green option and consists of biodegradable materials. These gloves can be thrown away without damaging the ecosystem. Unfortunately, latex is less tolerant to many chemicals. Its puncture resistance is not as strong as nitrile gloves.

Vinyl gloves

Suitable for low-risk procedures, food preparation (except fatty foods, barbers and hairdressers, people looking for generosity and a small budget, work with non-hazardous materials, and people with latex allergies).
biodegradable vinyl gloves

Why vinyl gloves?

Vinyl gloves are man-made, which means they are a cheaper option for short-term and low-risk work, but still need some protection. Vinyl gloves are commonly used in the food industry. This will help ensure that there is no cross contamination. Medical grade vinyl gloves are very helpful for low-risk applications. They are not as strong as latex or nitrile, but they are great for hygiene and housekeeping.

Issues to consider

Since vinyl is not resistant to many chemicals, that's why they are helpful for low-risk work. Vinyl gloves do not cause allergy irritation because they are latex-free. If you suffer from allergies or skin irritation, use vinyl gloves.

Polyethylene gloves

It is suitable for food preparation, jobs that require a high level of hygiene, such as serving food and cleaning tasks, and when handling non-hazardous materials.
biodegradable polyethylene gloves

Why choose polyethylene gloves?

These gloves are a good choice. They are durable and are an important barrier to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. These gloves are larger and can be used for arm armor or even to protect your forearms.

Things to consider

If you have higher touch sensitivity, or if you need to perform precise tasks and require more detail, polyethylene gloves are not your best choice because they will feel loose in your hands. Use these types of gloves only for low-risk work. They are not suitable for medical use or exposure to chemicals.
Let's do a quick review. Nitrile is a popular choice for many different industries. Latex gloves are suitable for use in the beauty and medical industries. Vinyl gloves are best suited for food preparation. Polyethylene is suitable for high levels of sanitation standards. Make sure you buy the right gloves for the task at hand
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